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Program development ∙ 27/03/2018

Program Use ∙ 27/03/2018

General Info ∙ 27/03/2018


Use My Text Talker to construct spoken version of project gutenbergs, "Frankenstein, the modern prometheus".

Have transferred to windows phone

Should get oppurtunity to listen to next week.

Therefore, currently using my current situation as an oppurtunity to check the uses of my Text Talker


Temporarily updated current version of my essay drater to enable some use of mathematical symbols, and use of super-script and sub-script.

Used my essay drafter to produce an draft .rtf of "The Project Gutenberg EBook of Calculus Made Easy, by Silvanus Thompson", from reading i have sat an goal of further study of calculus,

used book to check if calculus is directly related to the program formula, and if book can be use as an temp free book with formula, currently found program  can be useful on an diferrentiated calc, such as dx ÷ dy = N, though the explanation of calculus in this book may be "easy", there are large uses of other maths techniques in this book which were not some of the mathematical techniques that i'm an jack of.

found that i should set goal of more study on subject known as calculus, in particular the maxima and minima of an curve, as i believe this may be useful in my research on "'internal resistance of an cell' and the effect on efficiency of an circuit of resistance N,".
also got to set on goal of refresh of my algebra from use of in this book

book is worth an listen if you got an couple of hours gaming time.
though i make no statement on its efficieny of its title.

In the book it makes an reference to euclid number 3 or something, i was faced with that stop everything and find out what euclid number i dont remember was, or just carry on listening,

used internet and wikipedia, though i didnt reference the page, apparently euclid that number, refers to what i had been taught is called pythagerus theorum z² =  x² + y².


Found an euclid book on project gutenberg, going to listen to and repeatedly count to ten in preperation for tomorrow as i prepare for interaction with the company i intend to trial for use of secure payments through the internet, because based on experience i shall have to intergate the salesman for what has to be on the test page of the website so i can begin to test the feasibility of using their service on the website, or finding other means . . . and another thing


Note, Expected deliveriy of equipment to use regarding research "'internal resistance of an cell' and the effect on efficiency of an circuit of resistance N,".
 expected mid march, 
not arrived yet, nor an card to say i missed the delivery,
i looking in to how delivery can be more reliable, should the suez canal be expanded this year, or should we wait an few years? how do i use one of those amazon boxes they got in co-op? the buying bit was so easy.

Current goal, count to ten and plan how to deliver as much relative information as possible to customer who has never heard of LSL before, first impressions, etc, on webpage, with use of text, image viewer, and windows phone for video.

Easter 2018
using my essay drafter to go through book "The Project Gutenberg EBook of Calculus Made Easy, by Silvanus Thompson" checking typing of mathematical symbols
Note, april fools day seemed oddly close to easter this year.


now have an windows phone previously did not(2006 - 2014), effecting site development


delays caused due to vague descriptions of requirements of an test page, so an site can use card payment account,


Have been doing some research involving solar panels and micro controllers,
which at an later date will provide more info on,
currently on subject of
'internal resistance of an cell' and the effect on efficiency of an circuit of resistance N,

today arrived an new multi-meter, for use in this subject, from the other side of the world!,

Thinking i gotta get one of those home based delivery/post/drop boxes,
not sure what picture to get on it though.

Picture 1


but, currently the construction of this site has priority.


Construction of internet site,

Contact of internet payment business to establish payments through internet site.
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